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Note: A proposer is a validator that has been pseudorandomly selected to build a block. Proposers of blocks that get finalized, obtain a sizable reward. There are 4 outcomes of the Proposal status:
(1) Proposed: successfully proposed and rewarded   (2) Skipped: did not correctly propose within the given time frame (i.e offline) and was penalized   (3) Scheduled: Upcoming scheduled proposals assigned to this validator   (4) Forked: chain reorganization, proposal discarded and not rewarded

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Note: Attestations are votes you've cast which confirm the validity of a block. An attestation has 32 slot chances for inclusion on-chain. Validators are rewarded the most when their attestation is included on-chain at their assigned slot. The 3 status outcomes are (1) attested: successfully attested and rewarded   (2) did-not-attest: did not correctly attest within the given time frame, no reward   (3) Scheduled: scheduled for attestation (voting) duty

(Step 1 of 2) To participate in the network, a minimum of 32 ETH from the Eth_1 network has to be sent to a validator deposit contract

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(Step 2 of 2) No Deposits recognized yet

Eth 2.0 Beacon Why is my deposit not reflected ?

1) There is a follow distance of 2048 blocks (~8.5hrs) after an Eth_1 deposit is made at the Eth1 Deposit Contract
2) And then proposers vote on the Eth1 block they want to start including the actual deposits
3) Unless the block that wins the vote is greater height than the deposit, it won't be seen
4) The voting period is 64 epochs (~6.8hrs). Approximately every 6.8 hours the beacon chain gets an "include until X" Eth 1 block, and that X block is also at least 2048 blocks behind the Eth1 head
5) Deposits however could also be made right at the End Of a Voting period or Right at the Start, so it can fluctuate for how long you need wait (within a range of 1 Or 2 voting periods)
6) The ETH1 deposit contained an invalid deposit signature that was not accepted by the Beacon Chain

* Adapted from Ivan's (Kiwi) explanation
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If a slasher detects a slashable offense, proof is sent to the beacon-chain node for inclusion in a block. Validators then earn a small whistleblower reward for including this proof into a block.

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