Time on the Beacon Chain is divided into "slots" of 12 secs apart at which actions and state transitions occur (You can also view the Scheduled blocks)

Epoch Slot Pos Status Proposer ParentRoot Att DEP S-P/A Exit Graffiti Utf8
129869415582821 of 32proposed 2480400x4e0d0071...12800 / 00Powered by ⚡️Allnodes
129867415577431 of 32proposed 2604100x15c9179f...12800 / 00Powered by ⚡️Allnodes
129861415557221 of 32proposed 1718900x35da35a9...12800 / 00Powered by ⚡️Allnodes
12986041555278 of 32proposed 2081200x05aaf702...12800 / 00Powered by ⚡️Allnodes
129853415532631 of 32proposed 2339070x7406f587...12800 / 00Powered by ⚡️Allnodes
129852415528825 of 32proposed 2471980x9066869b...12800 / 00Powered by ⚡️Allnodes
12984941551758 of 32proposed 1999750x89608227...12800 / 00Powered by ⚡️Allnodes
129846415508615 of 32proposed 1229480xf102ae02...12800 / 00Powered by ⚡️Allnodes
12984441550103 of 32proposed 1206360x015d9a05...12800 / 00Powered by ⚡️Allnodes
129843415499924 of 32proposed 131860x82a268ae...12800 / 00Powered by ⚡️Allnodes