Time on the Beacon Chain is divided into "slots" of 12 secs apart at which actions and state transitions occur (You can also view the Scheduled blocks)

Epoch Slot Pos Status Proposer ParentRoot Att DEP S-P/A Exit Graffiti Utf8
136768437659419 of 32proposed 2831700x51c3c8ce...7800 / 00RP-GN v1.4.1
136408436508732 of 32proposed 2831690x017f242d...6600 / 00RP-GN v1.4.1
136019435262316 of 32forked 2936050x5aaa7664...5100 / 00RP-GN v1.4.1
135156432500918 of 32proposed 2831700xc23d3e03...8300 / 00RP-GN v1.4.1
131819421822417 of 32proposed 2831690x5965d0db...7100 / 00RP-GN v1.4.1
12943141417954 of 32proposed 2889950xef503ab4...10100 / 00RP-GN v1.4.1
128630411617617 of 32proposed 2846380x93df1071...10700 / 00RP-GN v1.4.1
12855941138936 of 32proposed 3130230x3975c42b...11900 / 00RP-GN v1.4.1
128139410047730 of 32proposed 3228350x365f30a4...9400 / 00RP-GN v1.4.1
127967409497431 of 32proposed 2831700xa3d5d8cd...6700 / 00RP-GN v1.4.1