Time on the Beacon Chain is divided into "slots" of 12 secs apart at which actions and state transitions occur (You can also view the Scheduled blocks)

Epoch Slot Pos Status Proposer ParentRoot Att DEP S-P/A Exit Graffiti Utf8
20226473330 of 32proposed 156600x7a66528a...1000 / 00MC was here
16335228429 of 32proposed 156520x6b3d5501...800 / 00MC was here
14344591730 of 32proposed 157270x03360636...700 / 00MC was here
13344271730 of 32proposed 156520x6ddc6fd0...600 / 00MC was here
12954147031 of 32proposed 157270x5d6c238d...700 / 00MC was here
1292413507 of 32proposed 156520x89395fe4...700 / 00MC was here
12233916732 of 32proposed 156520xbb16f3b9...600 / 00MC was here
9813141120 of 32proposed 158250x7cb91717...700 / 00MC was here
9573065229 of 32proposed 158320x14ce0327...1000 / 00MC was here
917293474 of 32proposed 157270xb2c06fd0...800 / 00MC was here