Time on the Beacon Chain is divided into "slots" of 12 secs apart at which actions and state transitions occur (You can also view the Scheduled blocks)

Epoch Slot Pos Status Proposer ParentRoot Att DEP S-P/A Exit Graffiti Utf8
190488609563520 of 32proposed 3052820x56b91623...12800 / 00Simply Staking
190487609560623 of 32proposed 2921480x9e86c6b2...12800 / 00Simply Staking
190482609543916 of 32proposed 3273700x9efab2ff...12800 / 00Simply Staking
19047860953027 of 32proposed 3271130xd31e81a9...12800 / 00Simply Staking
190476609526332 of 32proposed 3714850x0dc459ba...6400 / 00Simply Staking
190473609514712 of 32proposed 3131900x15602d81...12800 / 00Simply Staking
190472609513027 of 32proposed 3053220x157e30a4...12800 / 00Simply Staking
190471609510231 of 32proposed 3684130x9c9a8e54...12800 / 00Simply Staking
19046860949805 of 32proposed 3275100xe34edb80...12800 / 00Simply Staking
19046360948194 of 32proposed 3288610x55c788d7...7500 / 00Simply Staking