Time on the Beacon Chain is divided into "slots" of 12 secs apart at which actions and state transitions occur (You can also view the Scheduled blocks)

Epoch Slot Pos Status Proposer ParentRoot Att DEP S-P/A Exit Graffiti Utf8
29017192854776 of 32proposed 7023100x17797fb2...11700 / 00Rocket Pool ⚡️Allnodes
289958927868429 of 32proposed 2735700x945f5d34...12800 / 00Rocket Pool ⚡️Allnodes
289821927428110 of 32proposed 8114390x4661e250...12800 / 00Rocket Pool ⚡️Allnodes
289734927150013 of 32proposed 6079760x0c3806f8...12800 / 00Rocket Pool ⚡️Allnodes
28968392698605 of 32proposed 7275680xfdb95be0...12800 / 00Rocket Pool ⚡️Allnodes
28957392663449 of 32proposed 2735520x82f7bdb4...12800 / 00Rocket Pool ⚡️Allnodes
289441926213120 of 32proposed 2634880x2f846272...12800 / 00Rocket Pool ⚡️Allnodes
28939592606423 of 32proposed 3313480x4ca2f7c3...12800 / 00Rocket Pool ⚡️Allnodes
289348925914813 of 32proposed 7703940xeaa97275...12800 / 00Rocket Pool ⚡️Allnodes
289215925490829 of 32proposed 6120820x4e8eb836...12800 / 00Rocket Pool ⚡️Allnodes