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32 ETH
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32 ETH
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20406810 days 2 hrs ago (May-27-2023 11:15:35 AM)
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estimated in 8 Day, 1 hr, 49 mins (epoch 208155)
Epoch Slot Status Att. ParentRoot Graffiti Utf8 S-P/A

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Note: A proposer is a validator that has been pseudorandomly selected to build a block. Proposers of blocks that get finalized, obtain a sizable reward. There are 4 outcomes of the Proposal status:
(1) Proposed: successfully proposed and rewarded   (2) Skipped: did not correctly propose within the given time frame (i.e offline) and was penalized   (3) Scheduled: Upcoming scheduled proposals assigned to this validator   (4) Forked: chain reorganization, proposal discarded and not rewarded

Epoch Slot Committee Index Inclusion Slot Inclusion Distance Status

Note: Attestations are votes you've cast which confirm the validity of a block. An attestation has 32 slot chances for inclusion on-chain. Validators are rewarded the most when their attestation is included on-chain at their assigned slot. The 3 status outcomes are (1) attested: successfully attested and rewarded   (2) did-not-attest: did not correctly attest within the given time frame, no reward   (3) Scheduled: scheduled for attestation (voting) duty

(Step 1 of 2) To participate in the network, a minimum of 32 ETH from the Eth_1 network has to be sent to a validator deposit contract

Eth 1 A total of 32 Ether in Deposits was originally sent to the Ethereum Mainnet Eth_1 deposit contract for funding this validator
Eth_1 TxHash Eth_1 From Address Signature Amount Status
0xf4c6cf....bf31d043 0x1829f1....19643d9b0x84917c....aa2ba9701 EthValid
0xfb6a0f....3ebfe6b8 0x1829f1....19643d9b0x98da96....3e0f76b531 EthValid

(Step 2 of 2) Deposits sent from the Eth_1 network (above) are processed and included in the Beacon chain. Each validator needs a minimum balance of 32 ETH to get activated.

Eth 2.0 Beacon A total of 32 Ether in Deposits was processed by the Eth_2 Beacon Chain network
Epoch Slot Withdrawal Credentials Signature Amount
20189164605310x010000....acfb7ec70x84917c....aa2ba9701 Eth
20406665301240x010000....acfb7ec70x98da96....3e0f76b531 Eth

If a slasher detects a slashable offense, proof is sent to the beacon-chain node for inclusion in a block. Validators then earn a small whistleblower reward for including this proof into a block.

Epoch Slot Slashed Validator Reason