Balance Snapshot
32.246776794 ETH  (-0.00555)
Effective Balance
32 ETH
Deposits Received
32 ETH
Inactive (Exited at Epoch 28345) and Slashed by 65386 at Slot 906882
Public Name Tag

Total Income
0.246776794 ETH
Daily Income Chart
2021-03-16 - 2021-04-14
Over the last 30 days, there were 21 days which had a positive income and 9 days with a negative income

Eligible Epoch
899394 days 8 hrs ago (Jan-10-2021 11:15:35 AM)
Activation Epoch
1310276 days 1 hr ago (Jan-28-2021 05:33:11 PM)
Exit Epoch
283458 days 7 hrs ago
Withdrawble Epoch
estimated in 28 Day, 1 hr, 25 mins (epoch 36532)
Epoch Slot Status Att. ParentRoot Graffiti Utf8 S-P/A

Blocks Proposed: 5

Note: A proposer is a validator that has been pseudorandomly selected to build a block. Proposers of blocks that get finalized, obtain a sizable reward. There are 4 outcomes of the Proposal status:
(1) Proposed: successfully proposed and rewarded   (2) Skipped: did not correctly propose within the given time frame (i.e offline) and was penalized   (3) Scheduled: Upcoming scheduled proposals assigned to this validator   (4) Forked: chain reorganization, proposal discarded and not rewarded

Epoch Slot Committee Index Inclusion Slot Inclusion Distance Status

Note: Attestations are votes you've cast which confirm the validity of a block. An attestation has 32 slot chances for inclusion on-chain. Validators are rewarded the most when their attestation is included on-chain at their assigned slot. The 3 status outcomes are (1) attested: successfully attested and rewarded   (2) did-not-attest: did not correctly attest within the given time frame, no reward   (3) Scheduled: scheduled for attestation (voting) duty

(Step 1 of 2) To participate in the network, a minimum of 32 ETH from the Eth_1 network has to be sent to a validator deposit contract

Eth 1 A total of 32 Ether in Deposits was originally sent to the Ethereum Mainnet Eth_1 deposit contract for funding this validator
Eth_1 TxHash Eth_1 From Address Signature Amount Status
0xe9e50f....c51864f7 0x3a5167....269dc6c40xa111f2....d6a83c5932 EthValid

(Step 2 of 2) Deposits sent from the Eth_1 network (above) are processed and included in the Beacon chain. Each validator needs a minimum balance of 32 ETH to get activated.

Eth 2.0 Beacon A total of 32 Ether in Deposits was processed by the Eth_2 Beacon Chain network
Epoch Slot Withdrawal Credentials Signature Amount
89922877730x00dc82....bbc185de0xa111f2....d6a83c5932 Eth

If a slasher detects a slashable offense, proof is sent to the beacon-chain node for inclusion in a block. Validators then earn a small whistleblower reward for including this proof into a block.

Epoch Slot Slashed Validator Reason